Procurement Specialist


A handsome young man who works at the Veil as one of their Procurement Specialists.

He is about 22 years old.


Jack makes his way Below as a Procurement Specialist for the Veil, using his skills as a Pickpocket (2) and a Confidence Trickster (1).

He tries not to use any unfair advantage by using his special knack. He has been out of practice and maybe you lose it as you grow older and become a man.


He still has his Boyish Charm even with all life has thrown at him. His time with the Baker St Irregulars has made him Very Dexterous. At times he does seem to be Sneaky but that is what his current job sometimes need to get it done right. And if he seem to be caught red-handed, his Quick-Wit tends to get him out of a lot of trouble.


Brief/quick timeline

Consider Yourself One of Us.

Alone and homeless on the streets, young Jack falls into a gang, just like Oliver Twist, the Irregulars.

Head in the Clouds

One day while running from the law, he discovers or did it discover him – Aeroville.

(This might be a good place for my story with Lindsey’s PC, Airy.)

Young Love, Older Man

He met and falls in love with “Cap” or “Captain” John Hart. (James Marsters)

Reviewing the Situation

Turning 16 soon. Got to leave the Irregulars. You are only young once.

New Day, New Job

He gets a job at the Veil, Wicca shop & Money-changer as a Procurement Specialist.

Further Adventures in Under-city

(This could be a good place to add my adventure with Ophelia.)


Falling Through the Cracks froodbuffy roguenc