Darkling Cartomancer and Performer of Small Magics


Ophelia is one of the darkling children, protected by Sister Saturday. She’s recently turned 18.

She makes her way Below as a street performer (1) and fortune teller (1). She an also do some petty magic (2).

She is considered a clever girl; curious about the world and observant of her surroundings. Over time, her performing and magical skills have improved due to her fast fingers and her fortune telling has made her empathetic to other around her, especially those in distress.

As she’s gotten older, Ophelia finds herself more distracted in the presence of Velvets as she has reached an age where she could consider joining their ranks and seeing more of the world. When Velvets are around, Ophelia may have difficulty concentrating on intricate tasks and slight of hand magics. She also gets flustered and may appear shy around them when directly addressed.


Ophelia has always been Below, she has no memories of her parents. Her childhood has been spent with the darkling children, under the protection and guidance of Sister Saturday. As she’s gotten older, she has taken on more responsibility in helping with the younger children and always tries to have sweets or trinkets in her pocket for them.

She makes a living as a street performer in and around the market districts and is known to be a teller of fortunes, which early on caused her some problems. At 15 she was given a special deck of cards to help with her fortune telling, and they have proven to be a bit more truthful than some of her clients would like. She met Jack during one such incident where she was being attacked by a Wight for not telling him what he wanted to hear. Luckily, between her magic and Jack’s talents, they were able to talk their way out of the rather precarious situation. The two of them have, on occasion, worked together on a few odd capers.

While entertaining at one of Sister Saturday’s parties, Ophelia met Melody, a musician who had come from Above. During the course of the party, she offered to do a reading. Ophelia laid the cards out across the big table and felt an odd sensation, as if the cards themselves knew more than they were showing. The young darkling’s eyes became clouded and her focus blurred as she uttered the prophecy, “You will find what you seek, but it will be your end.” The room spun a little, as Ophelia recovered from her trance. She apologized for disrupting the fun, gathering up her cards, and she darted off into the rooms where she and the other children slept.


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