Social Contract

((This page is under construction. A final version of the Social Contract will be handed out at Session Zero.))

I am operating under the assumption that we are all mature, rational humans. This document states up front what I, as the Conductor (GM), expect from players and what the players can expect from me and from the game.

Because we are humans, mistakes happen. Goof-ups, mis-steps and errors are all par for the course. Disputes and disagreements will occur. It is how we handle these challenges that is important. Disrespect for others will not be tolerated.

1) All Players must have read Neverwhere. BBC series is not sufficient.

2) Players need to be on-time for games, prepared with character sheets and dice.

3) We will use Obsidian Portal for game information including scheduling games. Players must have an account and will be held responsible for checking the site for updates.

4) Don’t be a jerk. “It’s what my character would do” is not an excuse for poor behavior. If you insist on creating jerk characters, this is not the game for you.

5) Give notice if you can’t make a game. Life trumps game but repeated absences signal you are no longer interested in playing. Not showing up with no notice is disrespectful to me and to the other players.

6) You are neither required nor expected to bring food for others. You are welcome to, however, or bring food just for yourself, as games are often scheduled around dinnertime. Either way, please clean up after yourself.

7) Character bios and backgrounds are strongly encouraged. I will use information provided in the games to enhance play. If your character does not have background info, I reserve the right to make stuff up and use that.

8) I am a “story first” GM and this is a very rules-light system. That said, if there is an aspect of the rules that you want addressed (either because the game doesn’t support it or because I gloss over it), please tell me. If we are mid-game, I may decide to hand-wave things at that moment to keep things moving, but I’m happy to address concerns during a break.

9) Games are supposed to be fun. If you are not having fun then something is wrong. Open communication between all of us is essential to make sure we all get to enjoy our precious gaming time.

Social Contract

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